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Tips for Assembling Your Own Wedding Letters Gift

Do you have a friend or family member getting married? Consider these suggestions as you prepare a gift they will cherish a lifetime.

• A Wedding Letter is a personal note of love, encouragement and congratulations to a bride, groom, or both as they celebrate their wedding. The letters can be typed, but a handwritten note adds a personal touch that many people prefer.

• Allow plenty of time before the wedding to gather letters. It’s never too early to begin your project.

• Take special care to invite friends and family of both the bride and groom to submit their contributions to a Wedding Letters gift. If you only know one side well, consider finding a project partner to solicit and gather letters from the other side. The letters can be joined in the book at any point.

• Whether or not your Wedding Letters gift is a surprise, arrange for the letters to come directly to you, and not to the bride or groom or others who might be busy with other planning responsibilities.

• Suggest to the contributors they write uplifting and hopeful letters, not lengthy lists of do’s and don’ts.

• Suggest a deadline for contributions, but be flexible and patient.

• If your budget allows, consider printing and providing custom stationary to those you invite to contribute letters.

• Gather the letters in a three-ring binder and consider safeguarding them with sheet protectors. A leather binder with the couples’ names and wedding date engraved on the cover is a personalized and elegant option. Other options include presenting the letters professionally bound in a book or unbound in an attractive gift box.

• Don’t forget to contribute your own Wedding Letter!

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